+160 illustrations for a virology textbook


Digital illustrations created for a virology textbook. This was amazing project that allowed me to cover all topics related to virology and immunology - from different viral structures, to vaccination, epidemiology, and molecular diagnosis techniques 

My goal was to reinvent the way viruses are depicted, by bringing more conceptual shapes and colors, while keeping structural accuracy and enhancing readability. I definitely wanted to give this field a much warmer and interesting feel, compared to the materials already available.

The book can be purchased here.

Topics: Virology, Molecular Illustration, Cellular Biology


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/ inner structure of a rhabdovirus (rabies)
/ inner structure of a tobacco mosaic virus
/ inner structure of a Influenza virus (orthomyxovirus)
/ inner structure of a herpesvirus
/ infection cycle of herpesvirus in a cell
/ virus quantification technique
/ cell cycle regulators
© Haupt Verlag. 2016
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